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Retirement Home Eden is Your Trusted
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The retirement home Eden

EDEN – Assistent Living – is a retirement home located in Maniowy, in Podhale region (the south of Poland) in Czorsztyn Commune. It was built for older people, who would like to worthily spend their autumn years, and it was delivered this summer.
Maniowy is situated by Lake Czorsztyn with views on Slovakian and Polish Tatras, Gorce mountain range with Lubań, as well as Czorsztyn and Niedzica Castles. Owing to such a location, Maniowy has a peculiar microclimate. It is one of the most touristic villages in the commune, making it possible to go for a walk in the woods or by the lake, or to use cycle tracks or hiking trails.
The facility is located in the center of the village, across from a church, in the close vicinity of a pharmacy, bank and shopping center. There are rooms equipped with all comforts: a bathroom, TV, Internet access, a balcony facing south with a panoramic view of Tatras and Lake Czorsztyn. The facility also includes: an elevator, a chapel, a room with a fireplace and a piano, a library, a gym, a rehabilitation room, a jacuzzi and a beauty parlor. We offer single rooms, double rooms and suites. Home-cooked meals prepared from organic ingredients, as well as homemade preserves will be served in a stylish cafeteria. Our meat will come entirely from local and verified breedings. There is also a garden and a parking lot available for all the residents of EDEN. The retirement home EDEN guarantees 24 hour care from our qualified staff: nurses, caregivers and a physical therapist, as well as medical care.
Residents are welcome for a permanent or temporary stay. We would like to earn trust of all the residents and their caregivers, providing a high standard of living, safety, friendly service and warm atmosphere. EDEN is a private, non-public facility.
The owners Jadwiga Dębska and Franciszek Łapczyński cordially invite anyone interested in staying at EDEN (April 2018)
Detailed information is available at the number: 692 999 103, 18 2641210 (Poland) +19734648592 (United States)


Welcome in Eden !

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